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Yogaim® are simple elegant hand-made necklaces with a touch of delicate polish and an uplifting message from the ancient wisdom of Indian philosophy created by Federico & Ella.
Federico is an astronomer, musician, and silversmith. Ella is a yoga teacher & M.A. student in the South Asian culture Civilizations and Sanskrit scripts department. Now, we are also the creator of our baby boy Iyar.

Yogaim is our Mutual creation that mostly inspired by Indian cultural and spiritual philosophy, such as Advaita Vedanta, tantra, Sankhya, Buddhism, and other Schools that lead to true knowledge and self-awareness.
We create out of passion, that's what features our mutual work.
We deeply believe that ancient knowledge is a living thing and relevant at all times.
promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, mindfulness, and yoga :)

Our crafts are 100% hand-made, that's why our collection is always limited.
We sell our crafts exclusively in this shop. So You will not find these designs anywhere else.

So Why Sanskrit?
First of all, because this is the language that yoga has been thought. Second, the language In the Hindu tradition is a goddess (Vāc Devi of speech and truth) - she is the one that creates our reality. Beyond that, she is the only one that has no temple because it resides on the tongue of every human being, and we, humans, choose how to cultivate the temple from which our thoughts, feelings, and words create reality.

Our thoughts have the power to create our experience of reality, through expression. The sounds we make have power, and the ability to use language intelligently and direct our attention has an effect on the state of our consciousness.

YogAim Aim is to regulate and sharpen attention with the beautiful symbolism of this ancient language because what we are focusing on is what we become.

Hope our work will inspire you, as much as it inspires us.

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तदर्थ एव दृश्यस्यात्मा॥२१॥ P.Y.S.2.221

With Love and gratitude
Federico & Ella

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